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DD Osama’s Age

17 Years Old

DD Osama, an emerging rapper and hip-hop artist from the United States, has captured the attention of the music world with his compelling tracks like “Without You,” “What We Do,” and “Leave Me.” Since embarking on his musical journey in 2021, he has rapidly gained popularity, building a substantial following on social media.

DD Osama’s rise to fame is marked by both his musical talent and personal tragedy. He stepped into the spotlight following the untimely death of his younger brother, Notti Osama, who was also a budding artist. The brothers shared a deep bond and collaborated on several tracks, including the heartfelt “Without You” and the intense “Dead Opps.” These collaborations have resonated deeply with fans, further establishing DD Osama’s presence in the hip-hop scene.

DD Osama’s Age

Born on November 29, 2006, DD Osama is 17 years old as of April 2024. He hails from the vibrant neighborhood of Harlem, New York. His heritage is a blend of African-American and Hispanic (Dominican) roots, enriching his cultural identity and deeply influencing his music. This diverse background infuses his work with a unique and resonant flavor, setting him apart in the hip-hop scene.

Who Is DD Osama?

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DD Osama, born David DeShaun Reyes, is a rising star in the hip-hop community. He gained widespread attention following the tragic death of his younger brother, Notti Osama. This profound loss has deeply impacted his music and public persona, infusing his work with emotional depth and resonance that has struck a chord with many fans. Despite the challenges, DD Osama continues to rise in the music scene, captivating audiences with his dynamic talent and heartfelt lyrics.

DD Osama Biography

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DD Osama, born David DeShaun Reyes on November 29, 2006, will celebrate his 17th birthday in 2023. A native of Harlem, New York, he has rapidly established himself in the music industry. A Christian by faith and an American by nationality, DD Osama exudes the adventurous and enthusiastic spirit characteristic of his Sagittarius sign. His African-American heritage enriches his identity, profoundly influencing his personal life and artistic expression. With this diverse background, DD Osama brings a unique and compelling perspective to his music, resonating deeply with his growing fan base.

DD Osama Profile Summary

Full NameDavid DeShaun Reyes
Famous AsDD Osama
Date of Birth29 November 2006
Age17 years (as of 2024)
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Place of BirthHarlem, New York, United States of America
Current ResidenceHarlem, New York, United States of America
Height in Feet5 feet 5 inches
Height in Centimetres165
MotherCrimsley Martinez
FatherMr Osama
Relationship StatusSingle
ProfessionRapper, hip-hop recording artist
Net Worth$500,000

DD Osama Zodiac Sign

DD Osama falls under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, which encompasses individuals born on November 29 November. He is a devout follower of Christianity, holding firmly to his religious beliefs.

DD Osama’s Early Life

DD Osama, born David Reyes on November 29, 2006, is a talented rapper from Harlem, New York. His upbringing in this culturally rich neighborhood has profoundly shaped his music and artistic path. Harlem’s vibrant atmosphere and diverse influences are reflected in his dynamic sound and powerful lyrics, making DD Osama a distinctive voice in the hip-hop scene. According to various sources, his birth name is David Reyes, a name that continues to gain recognition and respect in the music industry.

DD Osama Education

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DD Osama started his education at Harlem Primary School in New York. He is currently in high school, though he has not yet graduated. Balancing his academic responsibilities with his passion for music, he spends much of his time creating music videos and working on albums. Despite his rapidly growing career, DD Osama remains dedicated to his education, making sure to stay on top of his studies while actively pursuing his musical dreams.

DD Osama’s Physical Appearance

Weight (lbs)110
Weight (kg)50
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown

Weighing approximately 110 pounds (around 50 kilograms), the person features striking black hair and captivating, deep dark brown eyes.

Who Are DD Osama’s Parents?

David DeShaun Reyes, known professionally as DD Osama, is the son of Crimsley Martinez and Eddie Reyes. His mother, Crimsley, previously worked as a real estate agent, while his father is a businessman. The family boasts a richly diverse background, with his father of African-American descent and his mother of Hispanic heritage.

DD Osama Siblings

DD Osama hails from a large family, counting five siblings among his close kin. Among his brothers are JStar Balla, JayKlickin, and Ethan Reyes, who is widely recognized as Notti Osama. The family is endowed with remarkable talent, as all three brothers have made significant strides in the music industry.

However, tragedy struck on July 9, 2022, when Notti Osama’s life was tragically cut short in a fatal altercation. His untimely passing deeply impacted the music community, mourning the loss of such a promising talent. On the sister front, DD Osama has two sisters, one from his father’s side and another from his mother’s.

Who Is DD Osama’s Girlfriend?

Rumors abound about DD Osama’s romantic involvement with Aniyah, a prominent TikTok personality based in the United States. Despite no formal declarations from either side on social media, their apparent bond has stirred curiosity among fans and followers. Aniyah garners attention for her engaging TikTok content, which complements DD Osama’s widespread presence and popularity across various social platforms.

What Is DD Osama Famous For?

DD Osama embarked on his music journey in 2021, quickly gaining recognition for his emotionally charged lyrics and infectious beats. However, it was the tragic loss of his brother Notti Osama that thrust him into the spotlight, especially with their collaborative hit “Dead Opps.”

Known for his music that blends aggressive lyricism with compelling rhythms, DD Osama has solidified his place in the industry. Tracks like “Dead Opps” have amassed millions of views on platforms like YouTube, highlighting his ability to resonate with a diverse audience. Through his music, DD Osama authentically portrays his life experiences, offering a raw glimpse into the harsh realities of growing up in Harlem.

DD Osama’s Career

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Despite his young age, DD Osama has achieved remarkable success in the music industry. His music videos on YouTube have collectively amassed millions of views, with popular tracks like “40s n 9s” exceeding 10 million views alone. Beyond YouTube, DD Osama maintains a substantial following on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, significantly bolstering his influence and broadening his audience reach.

DD Osama’s Songs

Since the beginning of his music career, the American rapper has released a series of chart-topping tracks that have captivated audiences worldwide. Some of these standout hits include:

Track Name
40s n 9s
Letter 2 Notti
Let’s Do It
Long Live Notti
On The Radar Freestyle
Chosen Ones
Once You Go
Who I Am
Show No Love
Better Days

What Is DD Osama’s Net Worth?

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As of 2023, DD Osama’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000, primarily sourced from his thriving music career. This includes earnings from streaming platforms, YouTube monetization, and live performances, reflecting his growing success in the industry.

DD Osama Social Media

As of October 2023, David DeShaun maintains an active presence across several social media platforms. On Instagram, he boasts a substantial following of over 1.4 million followers, where he regularly shares glimpses of his daily life through captivating photos and videos. His YouTube channel has garnered an impressive subscriber base of over 992k, with his content accumulating more than 209 million views. Here, DD Osama predominantly showcases his musical endeavors, including his latest tracks and music videos for his dedicated audience.

Additionally, DD Osama maintains a thriving presence on TikTok, amassing over 265k followers as of November 2023. On this platform, he engages with fans through entertaining and creative content. His social media reach extends to Twitter, where he has garnered nearly 19 thousand followers as of November 2023, enabling him to connect with his audience through concise updates and interactions.


Interesting Facts About DD Osama

  1. DD Osama entered the music industry in 2021 and quickly made a significant impact.
  2. Collaborations with his younger brother Notti Osama on tracks like “Without You” and “Dead Opps” showcased their musical talent and close bond.
  3. The tragic loss of Notti Osama in 2022 deeply affected DD Osama’s career and personal life.
  4. Despite his burgeoning music career, DD Osama prioritizes his education, balancing academic pursuits with his passion for music.
  5. Rumors of a romantic relationship with TikTok personality Aniyah have heightened public interest in DD Osama.
  6. DD Osama maintains a strong presence on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter, connecting with millions of fans and sharing his music.
  7. Through his music, DD Osama offers a raw and relatable perspective on growing up in Harlem, resonating with a broad audience through powerful lyrics and captivating beats.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About DD Osama

Q: What is DD Osama’s real name?

DD Osama’s real name is David DeShaun Reyes.

Q: When and where was DD Osama born?

DD Osama was born on November 29, 2006, in Harlem, New York, USA.

Q: How old is DD Osama as of 2023?

DD Osama is 16 years old as of 2023.

Q: What is DD Osama known for?

DD Osama is known for his impactful tracks such as “Without You,” “What We Do,” and “Leave Me.” He gained further attention following the tragic death of his younger brother, Notti Osama, with whom he collaborated on several tracks.

Q: What is DD Osama’s ethnicity?

DD Osama has a mixed ethnic background, being of African-American and Hispanic (Dominican) descent.

Q: What is DD Osama’s height and weight?

DD Osama is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs approximately 110 pounds (50 kg).

Q: Who are DD Osama’s parents?

DD Osama’s parents are Crimsley Martinez and Eddie Reyes. His mother, Crimsley, was a real estate agent, and his father, Eddie, is a businessman.

Q: Does DD Osama have siblings?

Yes, DD Osama has five siblings, including his brothers JStar Balla, JayKlickin, and the late Notti Osama. He also has two sisters.

Q: Is DD Osama in a relationship?

DD Osama is rumored to be in a relationship with Aniyah, a well-known TikTok celebrity.

Q: What is DD Osama’s net worth?

As of 2023, DD Osama’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $500,000.

Q: What are some of DD Osama’s popular songs?

Some of DD Osama’s popular songs include “40s n 9s,” “Letter 2 Notti,” “Let’s Do It,” “Long Live Notti,” and “On The Radar Freestyle.”

Q: What social media platforms is DD Osama active on?

DD Osama is active on Instagram (@ddosama), YouTube (UCEJeShf-3BGLDla7_RADj3A), TikTok, and Twitter (@realddosamaa).


DD Osama, originally David DeShaun Reyes, emerges as a burgeoning rapper and hip-hop artist hailing from Harlem, New York. Despite his youth, he has left a lasting mark on the music scene through tracks that deeply resonate with his audience. His journey to fame is intertwined with personal tragedy, notably the loss of his younger brother, Notti Osama, which has profoundly shaped his musical expression.

DD Osama’s diverse heritage, commitment to his artistry, and robust presence on social media have collectively contributed to a sizable and dedicated following. Balancing his music career with his ongoing education, DD Osama’s authentic portrayal of life experiences foreshadows a promising trajectory in the industry.

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DD Osama’s Age: A Deep Dive Into The Life Of A Young Rap Sensation |The Business Texts (2024)


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