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As a UT student, you can benefit from a wide range of healthcare institutions and services on our campus.

At the UT campus, you can find a dentist, physiotherapist, and psychologist, among others.

In case of emergency

In the event of a life-threatening situation, you should call 112 for an ambulance, the police or the fire brigade! If you are on the UT campus, you should call (053 489) 2222.

UT campus is smoke-free

The entire campus of UT, excluding the residential area, is smoke-free.Smoking is prohibited within the smoke-free area, see the campus map. More information at the UT website.

About health insurance

As an international student, you will experience health care in the Netherlands differently from what you are used to in your own country. But don't worry, it is only organised differently.

Firstly, you need to make sure you are properly insured during your stay in the Netherlands. By law, you are required to have health insurance. Your personal situation will determine which type of insurance you need.

Healthcare benefit

The healthcare benefit (zorgtoeslag) is a subsidy provided by the Dutch government towards the costs of your Dutch health insurance. To check if you qualify for this benefit and to apply, you should contact theBelastingdienst(Dutch tax office). Only students with Dutch health insurance or students who are registered with the CAKmay be entitled to the benefit if they meet the conditions.

Find a general practitioner

Secondly, when you arrive in the Netherlands, you should register witha local General Practitioner (GP) or local family doctor practice(huisarts in Dutch). This person is your first point of contact for healthcare in the Netherlands, only with his or her referral you can access medical specialists, hospital tests, and prescription drugs.

Please be aware of the fact that it is mandatory to be registered with a general practitioner (doctor) during your stay in the Netherlands when you are staying longer than six months.

How to choose a GP?

You can choose a local practice yourself. For example, you can register with the GP located on campus (independent from UT). Or you can decide to register with other practices in the cities of Enschede or Hengelo (‘Midden Twente’). You can see an overview of GPsonZorgkaart Nederland. But please be aware, it may be difficult to find a suitable GP (other than the campus GP), as nearby practices may not be taking new patients. We advise you to register with a GP practice as soon as possible after your move. If a practice has multiple GPs, you can indicate your own preference for a specific GP (this also applies to the campus GP).

Details on the Dutch healthcare system

Within the Dutch healthcare system, you may face situations completely different from those you are used to in your own country. Here are a few examples.

  • Basic health insurance only gives limited coverage of medical expenses

    Basic health insurance only gives limited coverage of medical expenses (such as General Practitioner, maternity care, Hospital care), so you are advised to take out extra insurance for mental health, dentist, emergency travel, or other issues.

  • GPs in the Netherlands are less likely to prescribe antibiotics

    GPs in the Netherlands are less likely to prescribe antibiotics and other medication than in many other countries. Most medication is not freely available at the pharmacy and requires a prescription from your GP after a personal consultation.

  • The distinction between a pharmacy and a drugstore

    There is a distinct difference between what a pharmacy (apotheek) and a drugstore (drogist) sells. If you receive a prescription for medicine from your doctor or specialist, you must take this to an apotheek. You need to register with your local apotheek in the same way you need to register with your GP.

  • A referral to speak to a specialist

    Your doctor is your first contact person for all health-related questions and problems. Medical specialists, hospital tests and prescription drugs are only accessible with a referral from your general practitioner. Specialized medical services include surgeons, eye specialists, ENT doctors, gynaecologists and orthopedists. You can find a general practitioner throughthis website(in Dutch only).If you want to speak to a specialist (for example in a hospital), you need to have a referral from your GP. You will also need this referral to get the costs covered by your insurance company.

  • For a job, you need basic Dutch health insurance

    If you have ajob,you’re obliged to take out a regular basic Dutch health insurance. You need to change your (AON, or EEA) student insurance to basic Dutch healthinsurance and you will also need to get separate liability insurance.

  • Privacy for patients

    Dutch doctors have a professional code that forbids them from passing on information about their patients, even to the authorities.

  • Anonymous tests and treatments

    You can get anonymous tests, treatments and vaccinations via the GGD.

  • Check ratings of healthcare institutions

    You can check ratings of different healthcare institutions in the Netherlands at Zorgkaart Nederland.

Overview of healthcare institutions on campus

  • Dentist

    The most obvious reason for a dental visit is a tooth ache. It's commonly said that you should see a dentist twice a year. Inside building De Sleutel (no 58 on the campus map), you will find dental practice Huizinga. In the same building, you can find a GP medical centre.

    Basic Dutch health insurance does not cover dental costs.

    Visit the website of the Campus Dentist for more information.

  • Dietician

    You can consult a dietician if you are experiencing issues regarding eating or drinking or if you have questions about nutrition or changes to your weight. Dietician Marike ten Oever is available by appointment. She holds her consulting hours inside the Sports Centre or the GP medical centre.

    Check out the website of Dietist Ten Oever for more information.

  • Emergency Clinic/After-Hours Clinic (Spoedpost)

    If you need medical assistance during the evening, night-time or on the weekend, you should contact theSpoedpost (Emergency Center):

    • Enschede +31 88 555 1188
    • Hengelo +31 88 555 1155

    Remember to have your health insurance card and your Citizen Service Number (BSN) ready.

    You must always call the Spoedpost before visiting. Perhaps telephone advice is sufficient, or a doctor or ambulance will be sent to you immediately. Otherwise, you can schedule an appointment. Check your insurance cover as there may be additional costs.

    Check for more information the Spoedpost website (in English).

  • General practitioner

    There is a GP medical centre on the campus. You can find it in building De Sleutel (no 58). More information can be found on the GP website.

  • Psychotherapy

    Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is a way to help you with mental issues and emotional difficulties. Psychotherapy can help eliminate or control troubling symptoms so you can function better and can increase your well-being and healing. The Psychotherapy Centre Twente was an initiative of the University of Twente.

    Check out more information about psychotherapy at the website of Psychotherapy Centre Twente.

  • Physiotherapist

    The practice is located inside the Sports Centre (building no 49). Check out the website of Topvorm Twente for more information.

  • Travel doctor

    The medical centre on campus houses the Travel Doctor Enschede. You can visit the Travel Doctor for expert advice regarding your health, education, vaccinations, and malaria prevention, all necessary for a pleasant and healthy stay abroad.

    Check out more information about the Travel doctor on the website of the Campus GP.

When you need a helping hand

If you have personal circ*mstances or are experiencing personal problems that areaffecting your studies or your well-being, feel free to talk to ouradvisers and counsellorsfrom SACC.

Check out more information about well-being and mental health atour well-being page.

Current students | Health services on campus | Student Services (2024)


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