Creative ideas for a summer cold dish (2024)

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June 12, 2024 3 min read

When the temperatures rise and the sun burns down from the sky, a delicious cold soup offers the longed-for refreshment. This speciality is not only a real treat for the palate, but can also be prepared in an incredibly versatile way. Find out with us how you can make cold soup yourself and how this cold fruit soup becomes a special taste experience by adding liqueurs. Be inspired and discover creative recipes that will enchant your summer evenings!

What is a cold bowl?

Kaltschale is a light, refreshing cold soup that is traditionally served in summer. It is a popular summer treat, especially in eastern Germany, and is often prepared with fruit in many different ways. A Kaltschale can be eaten as a dessert or simply as a snack and is wonderfully refreshing, especially on hot days.

Here’s how you can make a cold soup yourself!

Preparing a cold soup is extremely simple and can be adapted to your own taste. The base is usually a fruit puree that is mixed with juices, water or dairy products such as yogurt or buttermilk. Depending on the recipe, spices such as cinnamon, vanilla or fresh mint can also be added to refine the taste. To prepare a cold soup yourself, simply proceed as follows:

  1. Select fruits: Choose your favorite fruits or a combination of different types. Popular ones include berries, apples, peaches, or mango.
  2. Puree fruit: Cut the fruit into small pieces and puree until smooth.
  3. Add liquid: Dilute the fruit puree with water, juice or dairy products of your choice. You can decide how thick you want the cold soup to be.
  4. Seasoning: Add sugar, honey or other sweeteners to taste and refine the cold dish.
  5. Cooling: Place the cold dish in the fridge for at least an hour so that it gets nice and cold.
  6. Serving: Garnish the cold dish as desired with fresh fruit, mint leaves or a dollop of cream.

Our tip: cold soup with liqueur

For those who would like to try something special, adding liqueurs is a good idea. This gives the cold soup a special touch and ensures extra enjoyment. Here are some creative ideas on how you can prepare a cold soup with liqueur.

  • Cold apple soup with baked apple liqueur: This version is a tribute to the classic baked apple. Puree fresh apples and mix them with apple juice and a little lemon juice. Add a dash of baked apple liqueur, which gives the cold soup a spicy, slightly caramelized note. Garnish with cinnamon and small pieces of apple - perfect for a summer evening. We recommend our Grandmother's Baked Apple Liqueur .

  • Cherry cold soup with cherry liqueur: For a cherry cold soup, use fresh or pickled cherries that you puree together with cherry juice. A dash of cherry liqueur brings out the fruity aroma and ensures an intense taste. Serve the cold soup with a few whole cherries and a sprig of mint - a real eye-catcher. We recommend our whiskey cherry liqueur .

  • Berry cold soup with pomegranate liqueur: Mix a selection of your favorite berries such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries and puree them with a little pomegranate liqueur. The liqueur complements the fruity mixture perfectly and gives the cold soup a light sweetness. Decorate with fresh berries for a particularly beautiful presentation. We recommend our pomegranate liqueur .

  • Mango cold soup with mango gin liqueur: Mango cold soup is an exotic variation. Puree ripe mango (or mango from a can) and mix it with a little orange juice. A dash of mango gin liqueur gives this cold soup a noble aroma that is perfect for a summer party. Garnish with mango strips and some fresh mint. We recommend our mango gin liqueur .

  • Peach cold soup with peach liqueur: For a peach cold soup, use juicy peaches that you puree together with peach juice. A little peach liqueur gives the cold soup a sweet, seductive note. Serve the cold soup with fresh peach slices and a little lemon balm. We recommend our Pêche Rouge liqueur .

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Enjoy the summer with a cold drink

Cold soup is a wonderful way to enjoy the summer with food. It is easy to prepare, the variations are almost unlimited, and by adding liqueurs you can create extraordinary taste experiences. Whether it is apple cold soup, cherry cold soup, berry cold soup, mango cold soup or peach cold soup - each variant brings its own, unmistakable enjoyment.

Get creative and try out these delicious recipes. You will be surprised how quickly and easily you can make a refreshing cold soup yourself that will delight not only you but also your guests. Enjoy the summer to the fullest and be inspired by the many possibilities of cold soup!

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Creative ideas for a summer cold dish (2024)


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