CBS Sports puts all of Iowa football's rivalries among Big Ten's best (2024)

CBS Sports puts all of Iowa football's rivalries among Big Ten's best (1)

Riley Donald

July 1, 2024 7:00 am CT

The Big Ten, despite its recent growth and addition of four new members, is rooted in rivalries and year-to-year matchups for trophies and bragging rights. Headlined by “The Game” between the Ohio State Buckeyes and Michigan Wolverines, arguably among the best rivalries in all sports, the Big Ten has a long list of intense rivalries.

With the new era of college football, some conferences and long-time rivals have seen their yearly matchups fall to the wayside. Luckily, for teams and fans, the Big Ten protected this by guaranteeing protected games each year that keep these rivalries on the schedule.

The Iowa Hawkeyes have protected games against the Nebraska Cornhuskers, Minnesota Golden Gophers, and the Wisconsin Badgers as part of this deal. These three games are also trophy games that rank highly among CBS Sports’ top Big Ten rivalries.

No. 3: Iowa vs. Minnesota for the Floyd of Rosedale

Coming in at No. 3 on the list is the battle for the Floyd of Rosedale. While Minnesota owns the all-time record, Iowa has dominated this rivalry lately winning 10 of the last 12 matchups.

3. Iowa vs. Minnesota (Floyd of Rosedale)

If I were ranking Big Ten rivalry trophies, this would be first in a landslide victory. Who doesn’t want a trophy of a pig? The Floyd of Rosedale is perfect in every way, but I’m placing this one behind Minnesota and Wisconsin because there’s more history between those two. Still, it’s another border rivalry with an awesome trophy.Minnesota leads 63-52-2 – Tom Fornelli, CBS Sports

No. 7: Iowa vs. Wisconsin for the Heartland Trophy

CBS Sports puts all of Iowa football's rivalries among Big Ten's best (3)

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Another battle of the former Big Ten West is the matchup of Iowa versus Wisconsin for the Heartland Trophy coming in at No. 7. Wisconsin barely leads this rivalry as they dominated the 2010s although Iowa has won three of the last four.

7. Iowa vs. Wisconsin (Heartland Trophy)

This rivalry has gained steam in the College Football Playoff era. While the Hawkeyes and Badgers have played a long time (96 games since 1894), things ramped up when they were placed in the Big Ten West. The division existed for 10 seasons, and one of these two won it in seven of those seasons, meaning their annual meeting mattered far more often than not. It will remain a protected rivalry for the time being, but I wonder if we could see this slip a bit now that they no longer share a division since neither is the other’s primary rival.Wisconsin leads 49-46-2

No. 9: Iowa vs. Nebraska for the Heroes Trophy

CBS Sports puts all of Iowa football's rivalries among Big Ten's best (4)

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Although a little further down the list, this one garners the most fan hate and true rivalry feelings online and among fans on both sides. Coming in at No. 9 is Iowa versus Nebraska for the Heroes Trophy.

Nebraska leads the all-time record but has seen that rapidly close as Iowa has won nine of the last 11.

9. Iowa vs. Nebraska (Heroes Trophy)

I appreciate how quickly these two fanbases took to hating the other. Nebraska didn’t join the Big Ten until 2011, but they were immediately placed in the Legends division with Iowa and then joined them in the West, meaning they’ve played every season since. It already feels like a Black Friday staple.Nebraska leads 30-21-3

New rivalries for Iowa

CBS Sports puts all of Iowa football's rivalries among Big Ten's best (5)

Syndication: HawkCentral

With USC, UCLA, Oregon, and Washington joining the Big Ten, there is potential for a new rivalry to spawn itself. In 2024, Iowa draws Washington at home and takes a trip to play UCLA. They avoid Oregon and USC this season.

On paper, the most likely rivalries from this bunch of newcomers are either UCLA or Washington. UCLA would feature Iowa and the Bruins rotating between the Rose Bowl and Kinnick Stadium for iconic matchups.

An Iowa versus Washington rivalry may be more fitting on the field, though, as the two are fringe contenders that play in front of rabid fanbases that travel far and wide. This one could blossom into a fun rivalry.

Best of the rest

CBS Sports puts all of Iowa football's rivalries among Big Ten's best (6)

(Photo by Ben Jackson/Getty Images)

No.1: Ohio State vs. Michigan

No. 2: Minnesota vs. Wisconsin for Paul Bunyan’s Axe

No. 4: UCLA vs. USC for the Victory Bell

No. 5: Michigan vs. Michigan State for the Paul Bunyan Trophy

No. 6: Oregon vs. Washington

No. 8: Indiana vs. Purdue for the Old Oaken Bucket

No. 10: Illinois vs. Purdue for the Purdue Cannon

No. 11: Michigan vs. Minnesota for the Litte Brown Jug

No. 12: Illinois vs. Northwestern for the Land of Lincoln Trophy

No. 13: Minnesota vs. Nebraska for the $5 Bits of Broken Chair Trophy

No. 14: Illinois vs. Ohio State for the Illibuck

No. 15: Indiana vs. Michigan State for the Old Brass Spittoon

No. 16: Michigan State vs. Penn State for the Land-Grant Trophy

No. 17: Michigan vs. Northwestern for the George Jewett Trophy

No. 18: Nebraska vs. Wisconsin for the Freedom Trophy

No. 19: Maryland vs. Rutgers

No. 20: Maryland vs. Penn State

No. 21: Minnesota vs. Penn State for the Governor’s Victory Bell

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CBS Sports puts all of Iowa football's rivalries among Big Ten's best (2024)


CBS Sports puts all of Iowa football's rivalries among Big Ten's best? ›


The Big Ten is home to the longest rivalry in FBS history. The two programs first met in 1890, and with the exception of 1906, have played every year since.

Who is the biggest rivalry in Big Ten football? ›

Big Ten Football Rivalries Ranked: Oregon-Washington vs. Ohio State-Michigan
  • Indiana Hoosiers.
  • Purdue Boilermakers.
  • Nebraska Cornhuskers.
  • Illinois Fighting Illini.
  • Northwestern Wildcats.
  • Penn State Nittany Lions.
  • Maryland Terrapins.
  • Rutgers Scarlet Knights.
3 days ago

Who is University of Iowa football rival? ›

Iowa Hawkeyes football
Iowa Hawkeyes
Conference titles13 (11 Big Ten, 1 MVIAA, 1 WIUFA)
Division titles3 (2015, 2021, 2023)
RivalriesIowa State (rivalry) Minnesota (rivalry) Nebraska (rivalry) Wisconsin (rivalry)
Heisman winnersNile Kinnick – 1939
25 more rows

What is the oldest Big Ten football rivalry? ›


The Big Ten is home to the longest rivalry in FBS history. The two programs first met in 1890, and with the exception of 1906, have played every year since.

What sports is Iowa good at? ›

The Hawkeyes have also won national championships in five other sports: men's gymnastics, football, field hockey, rifle and women's track and field.

What is the most hated rivalry in the NFL? ›

The Chiefs–Raiders rivalry is considered as one of the NFL's most bitter. Since the AFL was established in 1960, the Chiefs and Raiders have shared the same division, first being the AFL Western Conference, and since the AFL–NFL merger, the AFC West.

What is the biggest college football rivalry of all time? ›

1) Michigan-Ohio State

Kicking off the list of the biggest college football rivalries is one of the biggest rivalries not just in college football, but in American sports at large.

What is the biggest rivalry for college sports in Iowa? ›

The Iowa–Iowa State rivalry is an American college rivalry between the Iowa Hawkeyes sports teams of the University of Iowa and the Iowa State Cyclones sports teams of Iowa State University.

Has Iowa ever played for a national championship football? ›

65 years have passed and the Hawkeyes have yet to climb to the top of the college football mountain again, though they've certainly gotten close.

What is the biggest rivalry in football history? ›

El Clásico is perhaps the most famous rivalry in the world. Everyone knows that El Clásico stands for the derby between Barcelona and Real Madrid. The first match between those two clubs was in 1902, when Real Madrid was still called Madrid CF.

Who was the original Big Ten team? ›

Big Ten Conference, one of the oldest college athletic conferences in the United States, formed in 1896 by the Universities of Chicago, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin and Purdue and Northwestern universities. The University of Iowa and Indiana University were added in 1899 and Ohio State in 1912.

What is the oldest college football team? ›

The Michigan Wolverines and Rutgers Scarlet Knights lay claim to being the two oldest football programs in FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) history, with the former first playing in 1879 and the latter even earlier in 1869.

What is Iowa known for academically? ›

A member of the Association of American Universities since 1909 and the Big Ten Conference since 1899, the University of Iowa is home to one of the most acclaimed academic medical centers in the country, as well as globally recognized leadership in the study and craft of writing.

What is Iowa popular for? ›

Iowa ranks first in beef, pork, corn, soybean and grain production. One Iowa family farm grows enough food and fiber to feed 279 people. The world's first electronic digital computer was built and operated by researchers at Iowa State University in the 1930's.

What is the fastest growing sport in Iowa? ›

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports

Honestly, if tennis and ping pong had a baby they named it pickleball,” said Lifetime Fitness pickleball coach Sam Lapourmasilko. Lifetime Fitness in Omaha has added three courts in their facility to accommodate those players.

Who is Tennessee's biggest football rival? ›

Rivalries. The Vols' main rivalries include the Alabama Crimson Tide (Third Saturday in October) and Vanderbilt Commodores. Tennessee's longest and most played rivalry is with the Kentucky Wildcats.

Who is Michigan's biggest rival? ›

Ohio State

What is the most intense football rivalry? ›

Ranking factors
Top 12 Fiercest Football Rivalries in the World
1Boca Juniors vs River PlateArgentina
2Celtic vs RangersScotland
3Barcelona vs Real MadridSpain
9 more rows
Apr 6, 2024


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